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Why choosing United Grand Paris

#1 Business Region

Business and innovation powerhouse

• #1 European region for R&D
• Vibrant start-up ecosystem
• Qualified international talent pool
• World-class infrastructure
• Rich quality of life

Europe’s #1 architectural international competition

• 1.5 M housing units by 2030
• Energy efficiency framework
• 880,000+ skilled workforce

Take advantage of the one-stop-shop Choose Paris

Region to make investing easy and to provide support during your move to the region.

Choose United Grand Paris and invest in Europe
in the right place, at the right time.


About United Grand Paris

United Grand Paris is the combined effort of teams making the region more attractive in international markets by instigating new daring projects featuring outstanding architectural characteristics.

MIPIM provides an opportunity to find out more about this vibrant, innovative and sustainable territory, which represents preeminent economical opportunities.


Seize the opportunity to invest in the right place, right now.

United Grand Paris Pavilion @MIPIM

United Grand Paris Pavilion @MIPIM

Explore United Grand Paris

Choose a vibrant, innovative and sustainable territory!

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