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The Paris Region is a fast-paced territory thanks to investments in infrastructure already underway for 2019-2024 and beyond: the project of the century, Grand Paris Express, with associated developments plus the 2024 Olympic games, the Paralympic games and their urban legacy. Urban transformation and improvements in city use are happening now in United Grand Paris.

The Paris Region has launched major developments that reconfigure the area, reinforce its attractiveness and facilitate development of many other amenities. Grand Paris Express, which is the largest infrastructure project in Europe, is an exceptional opportunity for economic development.

The city’s hosting of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games is also a catalyst in this in-depth transformation of the Paris Region and is an exceptional vector for investment opportunities. The years 2019-2024 will see accelerated economic development and unprecedented urban transformation.

A monumental urban project in Europe


Grand Paris Express is the largest urban project in Europe: 68 interconnected stations and 200 km of driverless metro tracks. The fully automated circular metro will connect the main economic centers, both present and future. Comprising four new lines, it will provide a significant improvement in services in response to the demographic challenges and economic needs of the region.


Improving & modernizing transport


In parallel to this extraordinary construction project already underway, the Paris Region is investing 25 billion euros in the ‘Transport Revolution’ with the aim of modernizing and reinforcing the existing network to guarantee users’ comfort, improved safety, more rapid commutes and reduced environmental impact.

Another priority for the region is the optimization of the transportation of goods. The region is investing massively in optimizing logistics flows in an urban setting. The Paris Region stands out yet again for its capacity to take on the crucial challenges facing cities in the 21st century.


The Olympic and Paralympic games are a catalyst for change


Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic games in 2024 will enable the construction of new facilities and housing leaving a useful legacy for the local population. The 50-hectare Olympic and Paralympic village will, upon completion, comprise 3,000 homes, 2 hotels, 100,000 sq. m of business space and 12,000 sq.m of services. This urban regeneration project attests to the unique opportunity proffered by the two games to consolidate the economic attractiveness of the region, especially in the north of Grand Paris where 4,500 homes, an aquatic center and arena will be built.

Key facts

Grand Paris Express:

  • € 100 billion boost to GDP by the Grand Paris Express‘ project

  • 140,000 sq. m of construction around the Grand Paris Express’ stations

The 2024 Olympic & Paralympic games:

  • 100,000 sq. m of business space

  • 12,000 sq. m of services



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