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A 100-hectaire eco-district on the banks of the Seine

The project “Docks de Saint-Ouen” is backed by the French state as part of a plan to develop eco-districts in the Paris region; it benefits from the regional label Nouveaux Quartiers Urbains (NQU, new urban districts). Exceptional because of its scale and level of environmental excellence, this ambitious eco-district was designed to demanding sustainable development standards with the construction of energy saving buildings. Many innovative solutions have been incorporated into the Docks de Saint-Ouen to reduce the district’s ecological impact. These include pneumatic waste collection, district heating and rainwater management.

Development programme: 878,000 sq.m (in total)

Residential: 443,000 sq.m (6,500 housing)

Business activities: 368,000 sq.m (8,000 to 9,500 employees)

Public amenities: 15,600 sq.m (2 schools, 2 gymnasiums, 2 nursery schools, a 12-ha park)

Full completion: 2025

Find out more (in French - Métropole du Grand Paris Web site)

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