ALTIPLANO breaks the vertical rules of Paris la Défense by creating a different architectural model, structured by horizontality. A strong bias, in line with the new forms of work carried by the generation of Millenials, for whom the quality of the professional environment is a fundamental motivating element. ALTIPLANO contrasts with the gigantic size of the high-rise building and has 4,200 sq.m of green space. These vital lungs of the project are divided into 2 interior gardens, 1 rooftop and multiple loggias accessible at all levels.

The space is arranged around socialising areas, sharing areas built like archetypal houses, playgrounds where people can meet for a break, quiet squares where they can air out and walk around. Horizontal circulation is obvious and becomes familiar.

Gradually, shared rituals are established: the market, gardening in the self-service vegetable garden or a drink after work. Day by day, they strengthen the bonds of the community. ALTIPLANO shapes new models of collaboration and relationships between employees

Investor : AXA IM

Paris La Défense & Partners – Booth C12.A8