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Building starts on the Pleyel Crossing

Works have started on the Pleyel bridge that is being developed at Ville of Sain-tDenis. The construction of this infrastructure is a major operational challenge headed by Plaine Commune Developpement on behalf of Plaine Commune.

If you want to learn how it is even possible to build over one of the busiest sets of rail tracks in Europe then watch this video.

  • Length of the structure: 700 m including 300 m of crossing

  • Width of the structure: 28 to 42 m

  • 12,000 sq.m of public space created on the crossing (including 1 bus lane on exclusive right-of-way and 1 wide pedestrian link)

  • 25,000 sq.m of requalified public spaces on the river bank

Find out more (in French)

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