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New at MIPIM 2020 - A media partnership with Business Immo

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

BiTV’s studio, in the United Grand Paris Pavilion, will be one of the new features of MIPIM 2020.

Choose Paris Region, the agency charged with promoting the Paris Region internationally, and Business Immo, France’s foremost publication about the real estate industry, have teamed up to form an innovative unprecedented partnership. For the first time in its history, the United Grand Paris Pavilion will host BiTV’s teams and studio in the very centre of its space, where the TV channel’s regular schedule of programmes* will be filmed for the four days of the show.

“This partnership will raise the visibility of Grand Paris at MIPIM 2020. It will be an opportunity to showcase the exceptional momentum behind the attractiveness of the Paris region that was confirmed in 2019 thanks to initiatives taken by the public and private stakeholders who are here together in the United Grand Paris tent. They form a cooperative coordinated body ready to welcome foreign investors”, said Lionel Grotto, CEO, Choose Paris Region.

By co-branding BiTV with United Grand Paris, the studio will take advantage of the reputation and high traffic of the United Grand Paris Pavilion while drawing in the fifty or so French and international guests scheduled to appear in the six TV programmes that are broadcast live during MIPIM*. “As a media hub, BiTV will play a role in publicizing, informing and communicating about the enterprising initiatives of Grand Paris. In addition to producing content of high added value, the studio will attract real estate operators and investors and guide their visit through the United Grand Paris stand”, continued Sandra Roumi, CEO, Business Immo. In this regard, Business Immo is adding a programme to its usual schedule that will be 100% dedicated to international investors and entitled “French Property Talk”.

*Find out the programme schedule of BiTV on their website


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