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// Flagship event // Investment opportunities in sustainable & cosmopolitan Paris Region

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Propose by United Grand Paris TUESDAY MARCH 15 - 04.00 PM • 05.00 PM / Hi 5 studio - Palais des Festivals

Vibrant available opportunities

Pre-Olympic & Paralympic Games, post Brexit and post pandemic future perspectives.

In 2022 Paris moved from the 4th the 2nd position among the most popular cities for international investors. Today, the pre-Olympic & Paralympic Games, post-Brexit and post-pandemic perspectives offer great opportunities for international businesses. Now! Invest in Paris Region!

This conference outlines the three pillars of Paris Region's attractiveness that you will find in the United Grand Paris exhibitor program :

  • Vibrant available opportunities

  • Innovative PropTech and Smartcity trends on the current real estate market

  • Sustainable and inclusive ecosytems for investors and stakeholders

The mix of uses in the building and real estate industries is characteristic of the people and citizen’s aspiration for more sustainable materials and ways of living. They represent exceptional opportunities for real estate developments. Paris Region is the perfect place for such developments and new real estate trends as it relies on a strong Tech ecosystem of startups, R&D centres and incubators.

Leading the way in the field of PropTech, Paris Region is open to investors, new talents and companies specializing in the field alike. It is a region dedicated to building innovative and sustainable infrastructure adapted to our modern societies and which is inclusive of all.

Make sure you join this conference to hear about the views of Bertrand Piccard who will provide insights into how business and sustainability can be reconciled and are, in fact, complementary.


  • Alexandra Dublanche, Vice President of Paris Region in charge of the attractivity

  • Geoffroy Boulard, Vice President of Metropole du Grand Paris in charge of communication and digital

  • Stephan de Fay, CEO of Grand Paris Amenagement

  • Thierry Laroue-Pont, CEO of BNP Paribas Real Estate

  • Christophe Burckart, CEO of IWG GROUP

  • Manuelle Gautrand, Architect

  • Cécile Maisonneuve, Institut Montaigne

  • Bertrand Piccard, President of Solar Impulse Foundation

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