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EPAMSA's opportunities

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Choose a vibrant, innovative and sustainable territory! 20 million sq.m of short, medium and long-term investment opportunities will be presented at MIPIM by the United Grand Paris exhibitors. Seize the opportunity to invest in EPAMSA (Établissement Public d'Aménagement du Mantois Seine-Aval), in the Right Place, Right Now! The preeminent challenge to the west.

Ecopôle Seine Aval

Welcoming eco-activities in Greater Paris:

  • 90 hectares

  • “Fabrique 21” dedicated to eco-builders, 5,000 sq.m since 2012

  • 1 business park with a 7,000 sq.m floor area which could be delivered, Urban planner: Agence Quintet

Ecopôle Seine Aval | © Quintet

Mantes Univerisity

Inventing the future Eole station area:

  • 40 hectares of development land, in a 70 hectares zone

  • 2,500 housings

  • 83,000 sq.m of floor area for convenience stores, offices, industry and services

  • Urban planner: Nicolas Michelin & Associés

Mantes University | © ANMA

Mantes Innovaparc

Developing a business district on the Seine Paris Normandy axis:

  • 58 hectares to be developed, on the A13 motorway, SNCF train station, RER E Eole in 2024

  • 170,000 sq.m of industrial activities and offices

  • INNEOS offices and business incubators, international group Sulzer Pompes France, Pythagore district (4,000 sq.m of divisible space), Actinéos, craft, trade and small business centre (3,000 sq.m)

Mantes Innovaparc | © Spirit

Overview of EPAMSA's opportunities


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