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// Flagship event // Mixed-use opportunities in Paris Region

Propose by United Grand Paris THURSDAY MARCH 17 - 11.00 AM • 11.45 AM / C12 - Central Area

Sustainable and inclusive ecosystems for investors and stakeholders

The time when the city was built with exclusively tertiary districts, dormitory towns and mono-functional places seems to be over. Today, the smart city values maximum diversity in working, living, meeting and leisure spaces. This trend can be seen in the real estate sector, which is now given a central place to the issues of sustainable development, inclusion and the real use of spaces.

The principle of mixed-use is thus becoming the new architectural standard and is now guiding the construction of new virtuous real estate complexes. For hybridisation to work, it remains essential to put users back at the heart of the process, following the example of the smart city, which involves inhabitants in the making of the city.


  • Luc-Etienne Rouillard Lafond, Lead Editor - Business Immo


  • Nicolas Verdillon, Managing Director Investment Properties - CBRE

  • Olivier Estève, Deputy CEO - Covivio

  • Lionel Grotto, Managing Director - Choose Paris Region

  • Nicolas Verdillon, Managing Director Investment Properties - CBRE

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