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// Flagship event // The future of Paris Region wastelands? Opportunities & challenges!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Propose by United Grand Paris WEDNESDAY MARCH 16 - 03.00 PM • 03.30 PM / C12 - Central Area

Vibrant available opportunities

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The revitalisation of industrial wastelands has become a major urban development issue. Ideally located in the city centre and on the outskirts, these derelict sites now appear to be one of the solutions to urban sprawl and growing demographic pressure. These spaces represent much more than a land opportunity: they are part of an eco-responsible, mixed-use and socially inclusive approach, which is essential for building an intelligent and inclusive territory.


  • Ollivier GUILBAUD - EPA Sénart, deputy director general for Planning and Prospective

  • Félix BERTOJO - SPIRIT Group, Co-Chairman

  • Vincent GOLLAIN - Institut Paris Region

  • Lionel GROTTO - Choose Paris Region


  • Ferielle Deriche

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