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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Designed by Jean Nouvel, HEKLA is a masterpiece of design which will, by 2022, enrich the architectural heritage of Grand Paris and redefine the southern skyline of Paris La Défense. At 220 meters high, one of the business district's highest buildings, HEKLA develops 76,000 square meters floor area of offices and services over 49 stories and can accommodate up to 5,800 employees in work spaces which are among the most innovative and environmentally-friendly in Paris La Défense.

Loggias and terraces on all levels will enhance the warm golden nuances of HEKLA's facades and on its summit, the tower will be adorned with a rooftop terrace planted with trees. Particularly eye-catching in the landscape of the largest business district in Europe, it, will provide tenants with exceptional views, stunning panoramas of Paris La Défense, the city of Paris, Mont Valérien and Western Paris. In France and internationally HEKLA will represent a particularly inspired and creative array in the corporate real estate sector as much through its size and distinctive shape as through its endeavour to offer a whole new experience. The leaders of the project truly believe that the tower represents a coherent and truly unique prospect for a company with a major business project.

Strategically located in the La Rose de Cherbourg district of which it will be the new emblem, HEKLA is set in an urban environment which is the focus of a major regeneration program, 300 meters from the Cœur Transport public transport hub. The urban developer of the site, Paris La Défense, has an ambitious high-quality redevelopment program planned, involving revamping a former ring road of the Boulevard Circulaire which gives access to the tower, and transforming it into an overhead pedestrian walkway 450 meters long. Planted with trees and shrubs, like the New York High Line, it will be a perfect place for sporting and leisure activities of all descriptions. Thanks to an impressive urban redevelopment program, HEKLA will blend into some 1.3 hectares of green spaces.

Developers: Hines | AG Real Estate

Investors: Amundi Immobilier | Primonial REIM

Paris La Défense & Partners – Booth C12.A05

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