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MIPIM Awards 2020 - “Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis” shortlisted

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

“Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis”, the largest urban and architectural consultation in Europe, is a finalist at the MIPIM Awards in the “Best Futura Mega Project” category.

Initiated by Métropole du Grand Paris in 2016 the two rounds of the consultation “Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis” mobilized 644 candidate teams. The 77 finalist projects will enable the development of 260 hectares and create almost 20 hectares of green areas. The important leverage generated by this consultation has already secured almost 10 billion euros in private investment for the construction of 18 000 homes and the creation of 80 500 jobs, 61 500 of which are long-term positions.

Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis is a success thanks to the collective action of mayors, elected officers and all the other stakeholders in the project, to whom I would like to express my gratitude. The consultation adds to the appeal and the international reputation of Métropole du Grand Paris. Congratulations to the winners of the two rounds as they have taken us to the final of the MIPIM Awards 2020; hopefully they will lead us to the top prize,” said Patrick Ollier, President of Métropole du Grand Paris.

By galvanizing architects, development agencies, developers, investors, operators and start-ups, “Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis” has contributed to reinventing ways of living and working while fusing innovation with environmental concerns. The consultation has already entered its operational phase with planning permissions granted, building works starting and the inauguration of the very first buildings.

“Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis” was shortlisted as a finalist of the MIPIM Awards by an international independent jury from 228 candidate projects originating in 45 countries throughout the world.

About the MIPIM Awards 2020

Created in 1991, the MIPIM Awards is an internationally renowned real estate competition at MIPIM, which this year is running from 2 to 5 June, 2020. The awards honour the most outstanding and accomplished projects, completed or yet to be built, around the world. Read more

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