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Investing in Paris Region?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Now’s the right time!

10 billion euros of investment by 2025

& 270 hectares of industrial land available immediately

© WO2 – Arboretum

The inclusive green recovery plan for Paris Region has begun. Out of a total investment of €1.3 billion, €680 million is dedicated to business and innovation, with €238 million reserved for an ecology stimulus package and transport. Public investment will therefore total €10 billion by 2025 in order to accelerate the ecological transformation of the region. Low carbon construction, the circular economy, energy performance, organically sourced materials and new mobilities will offer a wealth of opportunities for innovative enterprises.

Innovation is part of Paris Region’s DNA. The Paris-Saclay cluster is home to 15% of the country’s research and is one of the eight most powerful innovative hubs in the world. The region’s authorities have initiated an ambitious sustainable urban development project aiming to encourage innovation: according to the OECD, 40% of green patents in France originate from Paris Region. Paris Region, which alone accounts for approximately 30% of the building sector in France, is committed to green constructions with focusing on carbon neutrality by 2050.

  • €10 billion of public investment by 2025 for green growth

  • 1st economic region in Europe

  • 1st R&D region in Europe

  • 9 innovation clusters

  • 270 hectares of land available for industrial development

  • 6million sq. m of offices & industrial space immediately available

  • 1.3 million sq. m of office & industrial space in the pipeline

  • 3 international airports

  • 7 high speed train (TGV) hubs

Innovative sustainable city planning

This year, the Métropole du Grand Paris will launch its third round of the Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis consultation, the largest architectural and city planning project in Europe. The first two rounds of the consultation were a great success with 77 winning projects, €10 billion in private investment, 2.6 million square metres to develop, 17,490 homes and 20 hectares of green areas. The initiative creates 80,500 new jobs during the construction period and 61,500 permanent jobs.

Zac Saulnier / © Empreinte

The Pacte Bois Biosourcés promotes the use of sustainable and renewable construction materials that emit as much as 60% fewer greenhouse gases than concrete. Leading development agencies, developers and builders in the region have now committed to this timber construction agreement including Grand Paris Aménagement, SOLIDEO, EPAMARNE, Paris & Métropole Aménagement, EPA Sénart, Société du Grand Paris, EPA Paris Saclay, SEMAPA, Icade, Bouygues Immobilier, REI Habitat, Marignan, Woodeum, Linkcity, Avemtim, Continental Foncier, CDU Immobilier, Kaneah, SemPariSeine, CDC Habitat, RIVP, Elogie Siemp, Paris Habitat, Groupe 3F, Région Pôle Lycées, Redman, and, EPFIF.

The major energy renovation programme, launched by the State in 2020, selected 351 projects for the renovation of the regions public buildings, targeting State, higher education, research and student life buildings.

Turnkey industries

In November 2020, Choose Paris Region, the public agency for promoting the region, published a map with 26 turnkey sites. All these sites are ready for the construction of industrial sites and benefit from simplified installation procedures. Urban planning studies, preventative archaeology and environmental concerns have been anticipated with the backing of local authorities. Business leaders can therefore start their activities in record time, between 18 and 24 months, saving an entire year. The 26 sites, located in the inner and outer suburbs, have been set up to limit land artificialisation and will foster the competitive, sustainable and efficient reindustrialization of Paris region.

With these and many other initiatives yet to be unveiled, Paris Region can boast that if ever there was a great time to invest, it’s now!

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