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P4 - Pôle Paris Pantin Pré-Saint-Gervais, by Sogaris

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Productive architecture and new generation urban logistics

At Porte de Pontin, in the shadow of the beltway, P4 (Pôle Paris Pantin Pré-Saint-Gervais) occupies an 800 sq.m space dedicated to urban delivery. This micro-hub is emblematic of the new generation of logistics: closer, greener, more productive and better integrated into the city.

Winner of the MIPIM AWARDS

Designed for localized service from the Sogaris Rungis park, the site optimizes delivery drivers'rounds without bringing trucks into Paris. Using low-carbon utility vehicles, electric three-wheelers, and cargo bikes to deliver to local businesses and individuals. P4 reduces the impact of in-city parcel delivery by up to 40% while limiting congestion and polluting emissions.

At the junction of Paris and Pantin, in the middle of an infrastructure crossroads dominated by the beltway, P4 also succeeds in meeting the challenge of urban insertion. By placing an architecturally ambitious and demanding structure, designed by the Syvil agency, under this emblematic work of art. P4 , reactivates a previously invisible urban wasteland. The project prefigures the progressive transformation of the beltway’s boulevard by renewing the urban fabric between Paris and Pantin. The project was supported by Paris Region.

P4 won the MIPIM AWARDS in the category of best industrial and logistics development

©Takuji-Shimmura, © Thomas Garcia

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