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Largest stock of office space in Europe

> 54.8 million sq. m of offices

> 34 major business districts

> 19 million sq. m of warehousing

> Office take-up: 1.3 million sq. m

> Immediate supply: 3.7 million sq. m

> Vacancy rate: 6.8%

> Supply under construction: 1.8 million sq. m

  • Highest concentration of major corporations in Europe:
    28 Fortune 500

  • Headline office rents for new or refurbished space: € 411 net per m² pa, which is a year-on-year rise of 5%*.
    *Sources: Immostat 2020

Smarter Investing

Abundant, varied and competitively priced, the range of available offices in Paris Region is unique in Europe. The region is home to a diversified dense stock of space that complies with the international standards and makes it a major business center on the world stage.

Paris Region, which has the largest office market in Europe, can offer a particularly vast range of premises. Currently 3.7 million sq. m are available, 1.2 million sq. m of which are in central business districts with a further 1.8 million currently being built across the territory. Moreover, Grand Paris Express provides a massive development opportunity, with 1 million sq. m of projects on the horizon.

​The international competitiveness of the Parisian property market also posts prime rents and occupation costs that are below other world cities, such as New York and Tokyo, and almost half the costs for premises in London.

For the first time Paris was considered the most attractive city in Europe, moving ahead of London in a survey published by EY in June 2018, a year after the start of the countdown to leave the EU. It illustrates the growing appeal of Paris, which is now ranked 1st for direct foreign investment in continental Europe.

The office market in France, of unequalled dynamism, has a track record of maturity and transparency. Now is an exceptional time to invest in the heart of this truly international region.

Choose a vibrant, innovative and sustainable territory!

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